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Current Land Biomes

Foliage Fortress

Giant plateau with sharp overhangs surrounding it. These overhangs are supported by large stone pillars. A savanna-like environment is found at and around the bottom of the plateau, while the top is covered with all sorts of trees.

Gloomy Gorge

High mountains, with deep valleys and dark, eroded cliffs running through them. The mountainsides are glowing in the dark, and the whole environment is surrounded by all kinds of lush vegetation.

Snowy Spires

A snowy mesa biome, with giant terracotta pillars. The sandy ground is mostly covered in snow. The pillars are partialy frozen, with large ice chunks often connecting them, and icicles hanging from them.

Black Forest

Inspired by the german black forest, this mountainy biome has is covered in spruce and birch trees. Includes flat clearings spread throughout the forest. Some of those clearings have a small chance of turning into a mountain lake.

Carving Creaks

An environment made of very high terracotta plateous, with large canyons and rivers cutting through it. The edges also have a slight terrace visible.

Fossilized Fenlands

The dinosaur biome. Mostly flat with some segmented elevations. Can spawn dinosaur fossils, which usually have multiple "rib" segments and a chance to include a giant head on the front.

Arid Arboretum

Badlands biome that has been overtaken by an evergreen forest. The arid ground is a mix of grass and sand, with granite patches and giant terracotta pillars, covered in vegetation.

Bamboo Basins

This biome usually has features a central mountain without any steep cliffs. Multiple rivers flow out from the lakes at the mountain top, and the surfance is covered with eucalyptus trees and bamboo. The ground has both grass and podzol.

Frosty Fingers

Cold environment, with weaving snow and ice dunes. Also includes large snow spikes in the valleys between the snow dunes.

Mountain Mirrors

The mountain mirrors consist of huge mountains, with multiple terrace layers and steep walls in between them. The walls are covered with ice and can result in a mirror-like appearance. Between mountains there often appear frozen lakes. Also has frozen rivers that go through the higher parts of mountains using frozen cave rivers. On the flatter parts of the terrain there can spawn snow-covered trees and ice spikes.

Canopy Cascades

Jungle version of the mountain mirrors. Features huge mountains with terraces along it. Usually covered with large jungle trees and a few lush lakes at the bottom.

Badland Balconies

Terracotta-covered mountains, with flat areas inbetween, and some terraces along the mountain ridges. Allows for a thin layer of oak trees in the mountains.

Lush Loops

A lush jungle environment, with massive eye-catching stone arches looping through the skies.

Mesa Monuments

Covered by giant terracotta pillars, the mesa monuments biome is a warm badlands / desert mix. The main feature are the big terracotta pillars in it, which can reach up to 100 blocks into the sky.

Rocky refuge

Forested badlands biome, with large, overhanging terracotta boulders. The boulders are covered in leaf vines, and there are sparse tree patches on the floor.

White Wallows

Identified by white trenches dug through eroded mountains, the white wallows are home to giant azalea trees. The mountains also house white flowers and deep valleys.

Murky Marshlands

Imagine a unique and exotic rendition of the familiar vanilla swamp. This variant is blanketed by imposing, shadowy trees that exude a mysterious aura. The ground seamlessly blends the realms of water and land, creating a captivating environment. On the land, the terrain showcases a series of interconnected, level expanses that intertwine, each marked by sharp transitions in elevation.

Pillow Plains

Split into a high border segment and a low inner segment, the pillow plains is marked by its small pillars through a green valley. Due to the low height of the inner segment, there are no rivers in this biome, though this will be changed in the future by adding a special low river variant.

Scarlet Sanctuary

Sloped biome, with giant cliffs on the sides. Covered in abundant vegetation, some if it with red leaves. The trees in this terrain can grow much larger than usual, and the floor is filled with grass and more vegetation.

Watery Wilds

Savanna-like biome, but partially covered in water, wild small paths leading through the water. Covered in acacia trees and a lot of grass, with small and flat hills.

Tall Timberland

These mountains are covered by giant redwood trees. Similar to the black forests, they also feature flat clearing and lakes in between their forest-covered mountains.

Tundra Tracks

Cold lowlands biome, covered in lakes and small hills. Frozen paths are woven through the lakes. Snow-covered trees are scattered across the landscape.

Frozen Fungi

Frozen mushroom biome. The terrain itself is slightly tilted, with huge cliffs on one side. There are small and large mushrooms growing, along with some trees. The ground is covered in snow, mycelium and podzol.


Micro-biome, usually found in the middle of desert biomes. Identified by a small lake in the sand dunes, with palm trees and grass surrounding it.

Secluded Valley

At a first glance, the secluded valley is just a large and flat sunflower field. However, there are also huge valleys with a small entrance hidden spread throughout this biome. The valleys containt cherry trees and have a small chance to spawn a giant cherry tree in the middle.

Sakura Streams

Giant mountain, with a lake at the top and multiple rivers flowing down the mountainside. Covered with sakura trees and large leaf vines. Has a small chance to small giant sakura trees.

Bare Boulderfields

Barren, rocky mountain, made out of stone plaes. Small trenches are running through the tilted stone plates.

Verdant Valley

The verdant valley is a mostly flat valley with sparse acacia trees. The valley is surrounded by smaller hills which usually have small steep patches with a darker surface.

Vertical Vistas

Huge, towering green mountains. The often are high enough that their peak is covered in snow. At the bottom of these mountains, there is also often a small lake. Few trees and boulders can be found on the surface.

Photos and descriptions courtesy of Rearth.

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